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Envision Church Solutions is a monthly membership program for pastors and church leaders. It will help you lead a healthy and growing church.

Get exclusive video coaching from Bishop Jakes on the topics you care about. Access documents, resources, spreadsheets and templates to use in your church. And join the community of pastors who understand what you do and want to help you lead a growing church.

For Pastors Who Want to Lead a Healthy + Growing Church

Chances are, you don’t need another formula, consultant, conference or book to increase the number of tasks on your list. But you do need a guide. Someone who has been there to help you cut through the church leadership noise.

Insanely Practical Coaching and Easy to Implement Resources

Envision will give you the tools and training you need to lead your church to healthy growth. It’s not about drinking from a firehose; it’s about taking simple actions that lead to a big difference. We’ll help you identify the key issues holding you back and help you lead the right kind of change.

$59 a month. No Contracts. Insanely Practical.

Why should you join Envision?

You believe the local church is God’s plan for the world, and you’re called to lead. But between all the conferences, leadership books and social media experts, it can be tough knowing what to do next.  The good news is Envision simplifies your next steps.

We cover one practical topic every month.  You’ll get exclusive video training from Bishop Jakes, case studies to show you what’s working in other churches, and access to documents and templates to save you time.

What Do You Get Every Month?

Envision is a membership program that combines practical coaching and ready-to-use resources. It’s one thing you need to do every month to help your church grow. Here’s what you get every month…


Master ClassBishop Jakes will give you exclusive video coaching on one specific leadership principle each month that you can apply in your church. This isn’t theory. It’s insanely practical and actionable coaching. 

Big IdeaTop ministry coaches will give you one Big Idea for you to implement in your church.  They range from growing your volunteer base, increasing participation in your events to using social media. You’ll also receive Big Ideas related to your music department and how to create a cutting edge worship experience. We’ll take you step by step with proven methods that get results.


Case Study. We personally visit great churches, talk to leaders and give you step-by-step information on what the church is doing well. Not only will you learn from us, you’ll learn from healthy churches around the world.


You get continual access to an ever-growing Resource Library full of documents and templates. There are Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, flowcharts, and templates ready for you to use in your church.



Community. Participate in  Live Q&A calls where we answer your church growth questions. Share insights with others in our private, moderated Facebook group.

Frequently Asked Questions?
Who should join Envision?

Envision is for pastors who want to lead their church to healthy growth.  It’s perfect for senior leaders or those who lead ministries.

When does Envision launch?

Your Envision membership starts as soon as you sign up.  You’ll get immediate access to the resources via our private membership portal.  Then, new resources will come your way every single month.

Is there a contract? What if I want to cancel?

There’s no contract and you can cancel at any time. We promise Envision is the best resource of its kind and will help your church. But we also promise to make it easy and pain-free if you decide to cancel. The link to cancel is right there on the membership page.

How is this different from other resources?

Envision is a membership program that will give you the ONE THING you need to do every month. It’s not about overwhelming you with information and resources. It will help remove the pressure about what to do next and how to train your people.

We're a small church with a small staff and limited resources. Will Envision work for me?

YES! We can’t say it loud enough.  Envision Church Solutions will not only work for you but it was actually designed with you in mind.  Our team is passionate about seeing the local church grow.  We have collectively been involved in every stage of church growth from infancy stages to multiple services and campuses and everything in between.  

Each of our Master Classes and Big Idea sessions are built to be very practical and easy to implement on any level.  We want you to win.

How much time will this take?

If you don’t have a lot of time, you will love the simplicity of Envision. Each month, you will get one practical session with Bishop Jakes and the team to lays out one key action step you can take right away.

If you have just one hour a month, you’ll benefit from this program. If you can devote one hour a week to working ON it not just IN it, you’ll see even more results.

No Contracts. Just Insanely Practical Help.

Envision is $59 a month for the pastor or $89 a month for the entire church. There’s no contract and you can cancel anytime. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within the first month, and we’ll cancel your membership and give you a full refund.

Pastor Edition
$59 a month
  • Monthly Master Classes with Bishop Jakes
  • Monthly Case Studies
  • Access to the Ever-Growing Resource Library
  • Big Ideas from Top Ministry Coaches
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Team Edition
$89 a month
  • Monthly Master Classes
  • Monthly Case Studies
  • Access to the Ever-Growing Resource Library
  • Big Ideas from Top Ministry Coaches
  • Access for your staff and team
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Built For Pastors.

Not only will you learn from coaches who love the church and a community of pastors who understand what you do, you can learn from other churches who are experts in ministry.  The Big Ideas we’ll talk about each month will help every ministry in your church – from preaching to ministries, from music to outreach.

Join a community of pastors who want to lead a growing church.